Daru Chini Dip



Welcome guest... This is my home in the cyber world...... I wish you smooth surfing during your stay in my place...

Daruchinidip is a fantasy island in a Bangla novel. This site is my own special fantasy island in this vast cyber space.

In reality, I can only dream about such fantasy Island... that's because my life is messed up. My journey in life suddenly took such a path, where, there is no way out... no scope to turn back... not possible to return... Life ahead is full of uncertainty... spread with thorns... plotted with hardship... But I didn't give up... will never give up... Daruchinidip will be my inspiration until the end... until my last breath... until my last whisper...


What This Site Is About ?


This is my personal site expressing my feelings, emotions... my views, my values which guide my life. This site is also intended for expressing my existence. There are also an effort to keep some kind of entertainment for my visitors. You will find a lot of jokes etc. Also a bit of my autobiography. Additionally it will cover my experience of disability and how to adapt in this hard life (this will come very soon). I hope, you will visit this site often for any updates / changes.

My Gratitude



I have enormous gratitude to the Almighty ALLAH (SWT), who has still allowed me to breath and look and smell and taste... even though my life is messed up. May ALLAH (SWT) bless me with his countless blessings, so that I can continue my life in his guided right path.

I also thank my senior brother Capt. S.M. Abdullah, who encouraged me and gave space to build this web site thus helping me to grow Hi-tech IT (Information Technology) skills. This quest for knowledge goes on.... and will go on for ever... Also I am grateful to my Marine Community, as they extended their hands from time to time, trying to do whatever they have in their ability.



yeah, it´s me!

Md. Shahidul Alam
Age: 50
House 413, Lane 7
Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka 1206

Cell: 01727417328
Skype ID: alambd

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